Get your signed copy of Dennis Jones’ new book Climbing Out of Adversity today!

Pat Robertson“Dennis Jones is an extraordinary individual. He is a brilliant and insightful businessman and entrepreneur. Amazingly, he is also a missionary statesman with a clear view of the challenges and problems facing church congregations at home and abroad.

Dennis has become a voice of inspiration, enlightenment, and encouragement to individuals, business leaders, and local churches who find themselves facing adversity in these trying and uncertain times. What Dennis shares in this book, he has lived. But Dennis is quick to note that only by the grace of God has he taken the hits and continued the race.

As you read this amazing recount of Dennis’ life and the insights that the Lord has imparted to him, let your heart be encouraged, knowing that it’s never too late to do the right thing and, by doing so, you’ve begun the journey to climbing out of adversity.”

M. G. “Pat” Robertson, Founder/Chairman of the Board
The Christian Broadcasting Network, Inc.

Greg Provenzano“In your hands you are holding more than just a book. You are holding an incredible gift – one man’s life story that provides a remarkable glimpse inside Dennis R. Jones’ journey for the truth – a journey in which he discovers the power of love, faith and forgiveness.

It has been said that experience is when you learn from your mistakes but wisdom is when you learn from the mistakes of others, and through Dennis’ experiences, readers can be one step closer to discovering their own personal wisdom. While Dennis certainly took the hard road, his incredible trials, countless mistakes and inspiring successes, remind readers that the life we are born into certainly doesn’t have to be the life we lead, that we don’t have to be the victim of our pasts and that no matter how good life is, or how much success we have, none of it matters unless God is in it.

Dennis’ incredible transformation from a lost child to a blessed child of God will fill your heart with hope and your soul with God’s love. Thank you Dennis for sharing your story – good, bad, ugly and everything in between – and for reminding us that by being who God wants us to be on the inside will eventually start to show on the outside too.“

Greg Provenzano
President and Co-Founder ACN

Howard Foltz“You did not pick up this book by accident. God means for you to read and digest the Biblical principles contained in it. Dennis Jones is my long standing dear friend and brother. (I always say, “You can choose your friends, but you can’t choose your brothers”)—and I have chosen Dennis to be one of my closest friends. Dennis starts off his book with the theme of “An Accidental Rebel.” He certainly is opened regarding his “rebel” life, and this helped this book become a powerful testimony. At the time of his born again experience, it was no accident that God called Dennis to help “usher in the return of the Lord.” Later, he was miraculously baptized in the Holy Spirit, and yes it’s true, during a sales meeting! These miracles follow Dennis’ life throughout this book, in business, ministry, and missions work around the world. I’ve had the joy of Dennis traveling with me on multiple mission trips and seeing the power and fruit of his ministry. Stay with Dennis all the way through in this book. The final six chapters are tremendous prophetic warnings and encouragement to be Biblically correct instead of politically correct. This final chapter on “Finishing Well” is superb and every reader will want to meditate on what God has given us through Dennis.”

Dr. Howard Foltz
Founder and President
Accelerating International Mission Strategies
Professor Emeritus, Regent University

Bobby Hill“A captivating recounting that will encourage anyone and a provocative challenge to every Christian and church leader; “Life changing” is an overused term in Christian circles, but Dennis shares real life examples of God’s power to transform one’s life from the depths of despair. This book reveals the grace of God in a deep and captivating way that will cause you to never look at the redeeming work of Jesus in the same way. Jones’ impassioned charge to the church and our nation will surely challenge your heart and mind.”

Bobby Hill, EdD,
Director, The Center for Christian Thought and Action, Regent University International Director, Vanguard Ministries

William Breon“We live in the information age with millions of books available for our reading. With so many books to choose from, why purchase this book? This book contains life lessons from a remarkable man of God. Dennis didn’t write a book to make money, he wrote a book to transform lives. The Holy Spirit is active in the life of Dennis Jones. His life journey will inspire you and challenge you to embrace a divine destiny! My life has been forever changed because of Dennis Jones and his radical obedience to Jesus!”

William Breon, Senior Pastor Immanuel Church Wilmington, Delaware

Get your signed copy of Dennis Jones’ new book Climbing Out of Adversity today!